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It has been a stressful 2 years for me. Through it all you have been brilliant and flawless in your advice and guidance.  When I struggled with comprehending the legal aspects you patiently clarified things.

Imran joined the company in 2016 and is a Director, having qualified in 2008. He specialises in children and domestic abuse matters which are complex and sensitive inlcuding honour based abuse.  He also acts for children and grandparents in care proceedings.

Imran recognises that every family situation is different and likes being able to offer solutions to families who are going through difficult times for different reasons. Imran is a good listener and recognises that family law is an area where you really need to be able to empathise and relate to people and children.

Outside of work, Imran likes to spend as much time with family and friends as possible. Imran does a lot of voluntary work with his son’s school and other local charities from fundraising to being part of the Parent Teacher Association. Speaking foreign languages comes in handy because Imran likes to travel. To wind down Imran really enjoys a good film or listening to music. Imran likes sports, particularly football and keeping fit.

What our clients say about Imran

Now that my divorce proceedings have concluded I would like to thank you and your team for all the hard work.

I am glad I chose you and your company to represent me and I will highly recommend you to others in the future.

“I’ll end now by simply saying thank you again and I wish you and the Family law company every success in the future.

Relevant Experience

  • Representing four children in complicated court proceedings, who had been the victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. The case involved numerous experts such as psychologists, risk assessors, parenting assessors. These were necessary to assess the risk posed by the parents to the children and to ensure the children were safe.
  • Representing a father whose children had been removed without his permission. I successfully traced the mother and dismissed her allegations of domestic abuse against the father. I represented the same father in further care proceedings following allegations by the children of sexual abuse against the father. These involved complex issues of evidence including one child giving evidence. Again, the allegations were dismissed. At the same time there were criminal court proceedings against the father and I liaised with the father’s criminal solicitors.
  • Representing a child, who required life-saving treatment and whose parents were not consenting, in emergency court proceedings in the High Court. This required listening to evidence of medical experts.
  • Representing a child from a druid background where there was a dispute as to whether he should have dental treatment and receive his immunisations. This required evidence from expert dentists; one of the issues was the use of anaesthetic.
  • Representing twins in complicated court proceedings involving honour based violence between the parents. This case involved the use of McKenzie friends.
  • Representing grandparents and extended family members in applying for court orders allowing contact, and for a Special Guardianship Order.
  • In a domestic violence case, I successfully obtained an emergency injunction (Non Molestation Order) to protect a mother and her three children against a backdrop of allegations of rape and serious domestic violence.
  • Representing a father to obtain a Prohibited Steps Order preventing the mother from removing the children from the father’s care and from their nursery. This was after the mother’s GP called the police when she appeared to be under the influence of drugs.
  • Representing the father in a Prohibited Steps Order to prevent the abduction of the children to South America.
  • Obtaining a court order to ensure children would live with their father, to protect them from the mother’s partner who was assessed by the Court as being a sexual risk to children.
  • Representing a mother whose children had been placed with their father. I overturned the previous court order so they could live with the mother.
  • Representing a mother in appealing a previous decision made to not hold a ‘finding of fact’ (similar to a trial and involving allegations of domestic violence). I went on to prove the subsequent allegations of domestic violence against the father.
  • Obtaining a divorce for one client after her husband argued that the court should not allow the divorce.
  • Negotiating a settlement in a divorce case to preserve the husband’s substantial pension and capital savings.
  • Representing a wife to secure sufficient monies from the sale of the former family home to rehouse herself (and give her credit for the amount she originally put in).


  • Winner of the Devon and Somerset Law Society award for Solicitor of the Year 2019


  • BSC (Hons) Law with French and Spanish
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Law
  • Member of Law Society’s Family Law panel
  • Member of Law Society’s Children panel
  • Speaks French, German and Spanish
  • NVQ in Team Leading
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