The Family Law Company assists grandparents who may need legal help to continue contact with their grandchildren after a divorce, separation, death or family disputes.

Our expert family lawyers recognise how important a grandparent is in family life, offering love, support, advice and experience. The Courts, too, are increasingly aware of the beneficial role a grandparent plays in a child’s upbringing.

Using our expertise in family law, we will work with you to try and ensure that you maintain contact with your grandchildren even after family circumstances alter drastically.

We do not always advise legal action from the outset but discuss alternative options to engage the mother or father. This is often enough to secure contact, but if it is not the case we will guide you through the legal process sensitively, laying the foundations for a successful outcome.

Despite the fact that, sadly, grandparents have no legal rights to see their grandchildren, The Family Law Company has helped many to succeed in achieving ongoing contact with their grandchildren, even when there seemed to be little hope.

For more information on what rights you have as a grandparent, read our information article here.

Please note that we only deal with enquiries relating to children living in England and Wales.

Your support, calming words and guidance throughout have been an absolute rock and my parents and I will always be appreciative of all you have done. Thank you so much.

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