The Family Law Company was instructed by a wife married to a man who been violent to her. The husband had left the marriage and left his wife without financial support.

The wife worked part-time to support their three children, none of whom had contact with their father, as they had witnessed him stabbing their mother in the neck.

We obtained a non-molestation order to protect the wife and the children and an occupation order to prevent the husband returning to the home.

The husband would not respond to correspondence regarding financial matters. The parties owned the home jointly, but the wife wanted to move away from the home so that she and the children could have a fresh start somewhere where there were no bad memories.

It was necessary for the home to be sold so an application was made to the Court. The husband did not comply with Court orders to produce information or attend Court. We persuaded the Court that due to his behaviour, the wife should be awarded all of the assets. The Judge agreed, so the wife was able to sell the house and receive all the equity. She purchased a property for herself and the children and they are now able to begin their new life.

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