The Family Law Company was contacted by a father who believed his child had been taken out of school and removed to the USA. The mother was known to have links to a cult religion based in California. Having initiated an application through the International Child Abduction and Contact Unit in London, along with the client we worked with them to trace the mother and child with the assistance of a private investigator. In addition we initiated police involvement in the UK to search all relevant information relating to the mother to trace her in the US, as well as seeking relevant orders for disclosure from the mother’s family and friends.

Once the mother had been located she sought to delay her return at a Court hearing. The father asked to be represented in Court in addition to the District Attorney and we acted for the father putting forward arguments before the Los Angeles Court supporting a “soft landing” for the mother when she returned, and confirming that arrangements were in place for the case to be put before a High Court Judge urgently upon the mother’s return. The Judge dismissed the mother’s application and ordered her to return forthwith.

Upon the mother’s return the matter was adjudicated upon and the care of the child was given to the father with contact to the mother. This interim decision was supported by CAFCASS (Children and Family Courts Advisory and Support Service) and made a final order of the Court.

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