We acted for a father who had not seen his child for 5 months when he sought our advice. Although the mother was based in the UK, we questioned whether or not the child was still in the country.

Working with the police and the International Child Abduction and Contact Unit in London, we seeked the relevant orders to be able to ascertain all links in the UK for the child including the medical profession. As a result, it became clear that the child had been unlawfully removed from the jurisdiction. The Court then assisted in seeking the relevant information from the mother’s family. It transpired that the mother had ended up in the Far East and eventually moved to Northern Europe. In light of the child’s whereabouts being ascertained, the mother agreed to return to this country where the Court were able to restore direct contact to the father.

The Family Law society accreditation in Advanced Family lawImage of The Law Society Accreditation of Children Law.
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