Our client’s long term unmarried relationship had broken down. He was a professional person with a reasonable income. His former partner remained residing at his home with their children, and he was forced to continue paying the very high mortgage in addition to child support. This meant he was unable to meet his own outgoings and was experiencing financial difficulties and stress affecting his health and professional life.

As a father, he was loath to disrupt his children’s living situation, but realised that if he continued to suffer this stress his ability to provide for them would be affected long-term. This was a very sensitive and difficult situation requiring a careful approach.

We helped our client to make considered proposals for the sale of the property and re-housing of his former partner and children until the children reached majority. The proposals were rejected so a claim for possession was issued. Because our client had approached this difficult situation in a considerate manner, he recovered possession of his property. This outcome enabled him to gain control of his finances and relieve the stress affecting his personal and professional life and to make suitable provision for his children.

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