Posted by Clare Glazsher on 9th April 2018
Last updated 12th April 2018
Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month has been held every April since 1992. It’s a time when healthcare professionals across the country hope to increase public awareness about both the causes of stress and suggested cures for this modern epidemic.

Stress management is a hot topic and today’s buzzwords are ‘mindfulness’ and ‘wellbeing’.  Attendance at yoga, meditation and Pilates classes are on the increase, as are the use of apps such as Calm and Headspace as we all seek to reduce our stress levels.

Simple measures to try

So, what other measures can we take to reduce our levels of stress? Talking can be a good first step and costs nothing. It is good to talk and much better than keeping problems to ourselves. Taking time out for a walk in the fresh air, finding five minutes for a coffee with a friend, putting your feet up with a book, and cutting back on caffeine and alcohol can all be good methods to help with stress levels.

Social media

Many people have Instagram and Facebook and regularly upload photos and comments about their day. But we are becoming aware that social media is also causing us to feel less satisfied with our lives as we make comparisons with those posting photographs of their exotic holidays, lovely homes and party lifestyles.

Taking time out each day from social media and technology in general is now recommended. In fact, a recent study by Cambridge University showed that 38% of 10-18-year olds claim to feel overwhelmed by technology today and less satisfied with their lives as a whole, and 34% of 25-34-year olds felt the same way. Perhaps it is time to have a designated “technology free day” to give our minds time to switch off?

What are we doing?

The Family Law Company recognises the impact stress can have and supports staff to minimise the effect and reduce stress levels. With this in mind, a wellbeing group was formed by staff and is encouraged by the Directors of the company.

The group has regular lunches and get-togethers so that we can share our wellbeing experiences and tips, and generally enjoy time together. Additionally, we have arranged talks from a nutritionist, discussed the importance of sleep and met with a chiropractor who gave us spinal health checks. In February, a psychologist gave a talk on stress and anxiety management, and a talk on Pilates for general wellbeing is arranged for later in April.

At The Family Law Company we are encouraged to look after ourselves as well as each other, which is an important message for society today.


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