Posted by Kirsty Thyer on 11th December 2018
Last updated 24th January 2019

Each month we are featuring one of our solicitors or chartered executives. We feel strongly that our clients should be matched with the right lawyer, so this is one way of finding out a little more about our team.

Our lawyer of the month for December is Kirsty Thyer. Kirsty is based at our Plymouth office.

Q&A – Ten Questions

  1. What is your job title?

Senior Associate in the Public Law Team.

  1. How long have you been at The Family Law Company?

I’ve been with the company for six years.

  1. How did you come to be at TFLC?

I was working for a different law firm in the area, and The Family Law Company approached me believing I would fit in well with the Plymouth team. I was attracted by the idea as I already knew most of the Public Law Team, who are very well respected. The move gave me the opportunity to specialise in public law.

  1. What inspired you to go into family law?

As a trainee solicitor, I had the option of working in family law or civil litigation. I chose family law as it offered the chance of much more court work. I didn’t want to be restricted to an office – I have always been fascinated by courtroom dramas! I then specialised further when I moved from private practice to work at a local authority in Milton Keynes. Family is an area of law that is challenging, fast paced and can be very rewarding.

  1. Describe your specialism/s

I am a member of the Law Society’s Children Panel and act for children or parents when there are child protection issues in a family and the local authority is taking proceedings to take children into care. Ultimately this can result in the child staying at home, with family members, being placed in foster care or, as a last resort, placed for adoption.

  1. What would you say are your key strengths as a family lawyer?

I remember arriving at Milton Keynes Council and being responsible for advising senior officers on the law when they seemed to know so such more than me! I quickly rectified that and have ensured, since then, that I have an excellent knowledge of the relevant law. The work we do can be life changing for the children and parents involved so I feel I owe it to them to ensure they are represented properly and to a high standard.

  1. What is the achievement you are most proud of in your job?

I am proud to be Team Leader of the Public Law Team which is made up of three advocates and four paralegals. When we are out at court, it is reassuring knowing that the paralegals are busy dealing with any queries our clients have and getting on managing cases.

  1. Why do you think TFLC is different from other family lawyers?

As a specialist firm, everyone here knows the stresses and challenges of this area of work, which is unique. We have wellbeing representatives in both offices to support us and they bring external speakers in to talk about various aspects of wellbeing. On a personal level I enjoy working as part of a team – and we definitely have that here.

  1. Are there any related volunteering roles you undertake?

I don’t have the time at the moment, but I am in awe of colleagues who do give their time to the community.

  1. What do you do to relax?

After a busy week, as soon as I get out of the car at the beach with my dog I instantly relax. When I worked in Milton Keynes, I remember a colleague who was actually prescribed ‘sea air’ by Occupational Health. I definitely agree.



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Kirsty Thyer is a Solicitor and Director at The Family Law Company. She specialises in dealing with complex cases involving injuries to children and has experience in taking cases up to the Court of Appeal. She has also been member of the Law Society’s Children Panel since 2008.

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