Posted by familylaw on 21st December 2011

When your family breaks up, you will often live with one parent and have regular contact with the other through visits at weekends and school holidays and this can work really well.

Sometimes there can be difficulties with this like when there is a party close to your mum’s house and you are supposed to be staying with your dad. It’s important to let your mum or dad know how you feel and see if you can change dates sometimes to fit in with your activities.

Remember, seeing your mum and dad is about helping you to feel part of a loving family. When they first break up, you may feel you have to cheer them up but it is important to remember that often parents have other friends and family to talk to about their problems and their time spent with you is about being together.

Speak Up

Sometimes your parents might not find it easy to share their time with you and this can cause problems. You might find one of them complains to you about the other or asks you to pass messages on for them. If this is happening, it can make you feel really miserable and it’s helpful to speak up. Tell your parents that you love them but you cannot get in the middle of their rows. If you feel you can’t speak to them, try talking to a trusted relative, friend or teacher who can help you – or why not write your parents a letter explaining how you feel?

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