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Posted by familylaw on 7th June 2019
National Volunteers Week

National Volunteer Week, 1st to 7th June, celebrates the difference volunteers make to communities across the country.

At The Family Law Company, many of us feel passionate about giving back to our communities.


Stephen Sowden

Who do you support?

The Grandparents Plus charity.

What do you do?

I am a Trustee for Grandparents Plus and help those who have lost contact with their grandchildren.

I advise and support the employees, helpers and volunteers regarding recent changes by updating them on the law. I also give practical advice to those who deal with many distressed and worried people every day.

What do they do?

Grandparents Plus supports grandparents in their full time care of their grandchildren and all Kinship carers. They assist them with benefits, therapy and generally improving their rights, as they are not always recognised as carers.

They work with other charities, local authorities, funders and institutions to make the biggest difference for the people who need this type of help.

Why do you volunteer?

Whilst it can sometimes be very sad, it is also truly a delight to serve and help such a worthwhile charity and have the chance to see great outcomes for these children.


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