Posted by Holly Crook on 12th June 2019

There is Legal Aid available for Divorce and Finances. You will have to provide evidence that you have been a victim of domestic abuse (domestic abuse does not always have to be physical; it includes psychological and emotional abuse). Go to  for more information about how to obtain this evidence.

Secondly you have to meet certain financial criteria, legal aid is only available for those with limited capital and on low incomes.  Financial eligibility can be assessed by one of our legal aid specialists once you have obtained evidence of being a victim of domestic abuse.

If you cannot reach an agreement regarding your finances, then you may have to make an Application to Court. Legal Aid may also be available for this and we can assist you in applying for the higher level of Legal Aid to allow an Application to Court to be made.

If you need specialist advice, please contact us on 01392 421777.

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