Posted by familylaw on 5th June 2019

National Volunteer Week, 1st to 7th June, celebrates the difference volunteers make to communities across the country.

At The Family Law Company, many of us feel passionate about giving back to our communities.

Hannah Porter

Who do you support?

Crosslines Soup Kitchen, Citizens Advice and a youth group at my local church.

What do you do?

I have been undertaking volunteering work with Crosslines soup kitchen for almost two years. Crosslines is a multi-organisational charity providing hot meals every evening of the week to people who are predominantly living on the streets.

I also volunteer at Citizens Advice providing free legal advice. Donna Hart’s recent blog gives more detailed information on the invaluable service provided by Citizens Advice Exeter. Read it here.

Last, but not least, I work with the youth group at my local church, putting on events for the young people to participate in. Most recently this involved taking them on a 10km hike across Dartmoor.

Why do you volunteer?

Through volunteering I have met such a variety of individuals and very interesting people. It is humbling to meet them and to be able to offer them support. What I’ve learnt through volunteering is that there is a tendency to get more out of it yourself than you can ever put in and that is certainly the case with Crosslines, Citizens Advice and the youth group.

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