Posted by Jasmine Galvin on 5th November 2021
Last updated 8th November 2021
What is pro bono work and why do we need it?

As pro bono work draws to a close Paralegal Jasmine Galvin explains why pro bono work is an important part of the legal sector.

Since the cuts to Legal Aid began in 1986 and the introduction of the Legal Aid, Sentencing Punishment Offenders Act also known as “LASPO” it can be more challenging for those on lower incomes to have an opportunity for legal advice.

Although not a substitute, pro bono work is incredibly important in supporting individuals during the legal process where they may not be able to access legal aid or where legal aid is unavailable and they cannot afford representation privately.

At the Family Law Company we believe everyone should be able to access help through the legal system without worrying about costs which is why we remain committed to providing legal aid for our clients.  We provide all our new clients with a free initial consultation.

Many of our lawyers also support legal clinics and charities across the South West.

Pro bono work helps develop the future generation of lawyers 

Throughout my time at the University of Plymouth I had the opportunity to volunteer in both the Employment and Family Law Clinics providing free guidance to members of the public under supervision. Often this included form filling, explaining the legal process, but also being a friendly face they could talk to making them feel less alone.

Pro Bono however has provided students, like myself during my studies, the opportunity to hone my skills and do something fulfilling.  As well as meeting a more diverse range of individuals from all walks of life.

Whilst it is a shame that there is a need for Pro Bono work as #probonoweek draws to an end it is a great time to reflect on the many compassionate lawyers out there who give back to their communities and individuals in need.

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