Posted by familylaw on 24th September 2019
Last updated 17th July 2021

 Emma joined The Family Law Company as an admin assistant in September 2018. After just 12 months she has now progressed to a paralegal role, specialising in divorce and finance and also children matters.

See Emma’s views below on her own experience with working and studying:

“I love to learn! Studying from home isn’t as daunting as it sounds, granted it can be a little tricky when you add work and home life into the mix or even a poorly dependent tiny human (usually at the conveniently crucial point of an important assignment or revision needed for the next exam), but, with the right aptitude and organisation it can be done! I am currently completing a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (LLB) with the Open University and I really do love it! I am very fortunate to have a supportive family and the most supportive work place – this gives me so much drive and makes studying so much easier. To anyone questioning their dreams and aspirations my advice to you is to take the plunge and step forward, you can’t regret something you haven’t done! Things are not designed for us to fail, they are in place for you and I to succeed. So don’t give up and Good luck.”

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