Posted by familylaw on 19th August 2019
Last updated 29th June 2023

One of the ways we hope to help clients going through divorce or separation to move positively through their emotional journey is by recommending books that we have found helpful.

To make these suggestions available to a wider audience, we are also going to post our best recommendations on our website blog. As so many of our clients found them helpful, we hope that you will too.

The first of these reviews is written by MD Norman Hartnell. Norman is reviewing Life Lessons by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and David Kessler.

“I love this book; all my clients who have read it love it too and tell their friends about it. Each chapter has a single word title, such as Guilt, Power and Relationships, and each chapter gives down to earth wise words illustrated by stories making it easy to understand the points being made.

The Relationships chapter, for example, talks about the ending of relationships and how to accept that some relationships simply have a natural end. It explains that the relationship will have served the purpose of being right for the person at a given time, but also gives the person the freedom to acknowledge that the relationship has come to a natural end without feeling guilty.

Many clients have told me that having read the book, they feel far more empowered to deal with the emotional issues they have struggled with. They say it has been a release for them.

It is fundamentally all good commonsense based on the authors’ lifetime learning.

Thoroughly recommended reading for anyone.”



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