Posted by familylaw on 3rd June 2014

Some sound advice from our team of solicitors in Exeter and Plymouth here. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can seem like a harmless way to connect with friends and colleagues, but the comments you make can come back to haunt you.Social Media

It is becoming more and more common for posts and photos from social medial sites to be used as evidence in the Family Court, in divorce, children and domestic abuse cases.

We advise clients to take several steps to protect themselves:-

  1. Change all of your passwords so that your account can only be accessed by you.
  2. Check your security settings and make sure only people you want to can view your site.
  3. Ensure you are notified when someone tags photos of you.
  4. Remove any photos of you that you would not want a Judge to see, perhaps think would you want your granny to see, this is always a good test.
  5. If you have previously allowed your former partner access to your email on their smart phone, ensure this is disconnected.
  6. Change all your passwords and access details for your internet account, including online bank account.

It is better to be safe than sorry, as in many cases it can be used as evidence against you.

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