Posted by familylaw on 22nd January 2015

The appointment of 12 new family law Queen’s Counsel has been approved by the Lord Chancellor.

The appointments mean there has been a significant rise in the number of family QC appointed in 2015, after just five were appointed last year.

The number of new appointments is also higher than in 2012 when seven silks were appointed, but lower than the record 17 silks selected in 2011. Outside the field of family law a further 81 silks have been appointed this year.

The rise in appointments comes despite a small decrease in the number of applications to be awarded silks. Of the 223 applicants in this year’s competition 180 were male and the number of female applicants rose slightly, to 43.

This rise in female applications was reflected by the fact the number of successful applications by women rose for a second consecutive year. Of the 43 female applicants 25 were successful, compared to 18 last year.

Ten applicants from ethnic minorities were successful, a slight fall from the 13 awarded silks last year.

Several of the newly appointed QCs have received recognition previously. Of the family law QCs appointed Alison Grief was shortlisted for the Family Law Junior Barrister of the Year award in 2013, while Andrew Bagchi and Darren Howe are contributing authors to DIY Divorce.

Andrew was also shortlisted for the Family Law Junior Barrister of the Year 2014 and Damian Garrido is a co-author of Relocation. Yet more of the newly appointed QCs have also spoken at Family Law conferences and contributed to Family Law Week.

Helen Pitcher, Chairman of the Selection Panel, said she was delighted to have announced the new silks.

“I congratulate each of the new appointments,” she said. “The selection process is rigorous and demanding and I’m confident those appointed truly deserve to be Queen’s Counsel.”

Below is a full list of the appointed Family Law QCs.

Andrew Bagchi
Julia Cheetham
Deirdre Fottrell
Damian Garrido
Alison Grief
Christopher Hames
Darren Howe
Nicholas Stonor
Stephen Trowell
John Tughan
Justin Warshaw
Francesca Wiley

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