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Posted by familylaw on 27th November 2019
I have just been sent to Prison – can I still meet with my Family Lawyer ?

The answer is yes.

There are a number of ways in which a parent involved in matters concerning their child who finds themselves incarcerated at Her Majesty’s pleasure can still participate with the aid of their family lawyer. Prisons in the UK have facilities for prisoners to engage with their family lawyers which can include face to face legal meetings or through video-link. The process is straightforward. The family lawyer needs to complete a formal booking form which can be submitted either by email or logged with the prison by telephone. It will be necessary to provide full details of that parent including their prisoner number. The lawyer also needs to provide full details of their name and work address, details of the relationship to the prisoner. Each individual prison offers specific days and times where legal visits (or video-link) takes place, usually a select time in the morning and then one in the afternoon. The lawyer provides within the booking form the choice of three dates and whether they seek a morning or afternoon slot. The date is then formally confirmed by the prison and the prisoner will be made available for that appointment. Each time slot is usually for one or two hours maximum.

Different days and times will be applied to other types of visit including those from family members, children or medical professionals.

Each prison will also have specific, and legal, requirements of what is allowed to be taken into the prison, or not. Not adhering to the legal requirements of a prison visit can have serious consequences for visitors, whether that be family, medical or legal visits.

More information about visiting someone in a UK prison can be found at

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