Posted by familylaw on 5th April 2016
Last updated 2nd August 2016

The Family Law Company’s grandparents’ specialist Stephen Sowden is to give a talk at a seminar in London on April 14.
Stephen, who is a Director of the company, has been asked to speak in his capacity as a Trustee of the Grandparents Plus. His talk is entitled ‘There’s No-one Quite Like Grandma’.

“Over the years I have become very aware that the important role of grandparents is often sorely neglected during and after a divorce, for example,” explained Stephen. “For a grandparent to lose contact with their grandchildren for whatever reason, is a traumatic experience and can create a feeling of grief and even worthlessness. Although there are no legal rights for grandparents, there are a number of ways they can try to regain access and that’s where I come in.”

Up to one million children don’t have a relationship with their grandparents, meaning they are missing out on the knowledge and experience of another generation, who can be such a positive influence in a child’s life.

Stephen’s talk, which looks at the role of the extended family in care, private law and financial proceedings is part of a seminar being hosted at Thomas More Chambers in Lincoln’s Fields on the role of the extended family.

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