Posted by Imran Khodabocus on 26th December 2016

Christmas brings a lot of pressure; to make sure everything is perfect, to put on a happy face when accommodating family and friends, to buy the right presents for everyone, and so on. You might ask yourself, who’s thinking about you?Who is making sure everything is perfect for you?

Who’s thinking about you?

These are questions that some people will be asking when considering whether or not they can sustain their relationship as the New Year approaches. So, here are a few tips to guide you through.

Who's thinking about you?The first thing is to do is to decide whether there is something within your control that you can change, to address these feelings. For example, is it something external such as your job that is making you feel the way you do?

If it clear that it is something to do with your relationship, you need to make some important decisions. Ask yourself some questions. Is it really too late? Could your partner – or you – change? Or is it that you have simply grown apart and don’t realistically have a future together. Once you have made this decision, you can then plan.

Whatever your decision, remember you need to look after yourself, first and foremost This is even more true so if you are the one who is looking after any children. Don’t be afraid to make an appointment with your GP for a health check. Eat healthily as a good diet will give you that much deserved energy boost.

Try to feel good about yourself:

  • How about going to the gym or starting running? With the New Year around the corner there are likely to be some enticing membership offers.
  • Is there something you have always wanted to learn, another language or a skill? Look into further education opportunities near you.
  • Keep in touch with your friends as they will help you through. Make sure you have someone you can turn to in confidence – having someone to listen to you will help.

Finally, you need to think about your legal options. You can book a free initial appointment with The Family Law Company to explore what options are available to you. Things to consider include:

  • Any property (either in the UK or abroad) or inheritance that you really want to protect
  • The implications of working with your partner or having a business interest with them
  • What is the impact of separating on your children?

We are good listeners and offer discreet, expert advice. We will take our time to talk you through your options and then support you through the process from start to finish.


If you need further information or advice in respect of this or any other family matter, please call Associate Solicitor Imran Khodabocus on 01392 284 851.

Our offices will reopen after Christmas at 9.00am on Wednesday 28th December until 5.00pm on Friday 30th December. We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.


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Imran Khodabocus is an award-winning Solicitor and Director at The Family Law Company. He specialises in children and domestic abuse matters which are complex and sensitive including honour based abuse. He is fluent in French, German and Spanish.

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