Posted by familylaw on 2nd January 2017
Last updated 29th November 2020

What the papers say

Many of us are familiar with the term ‘Divorce Day’. This is the first Monday of January and is known as the day when family lawyers receive the most enquiries about divorce. Many magazines and newspapers run articles about the phenomenon, including, last year, the Independent, Mirror, Telegraph and Guardian.

What the papers say

Divorce day theories

One popular theory put forward by journalists is that couples who have been forced to spend more family time together over the festive period come to “breaking point”, and that the forced togetherness over the holiday can be, for some, the impetus they need to decide to make changes in their lives.

Others suggest that couples wish to hold things together for the sake of their children or their extended families over the festive period – it is their “one last Christmas” before deciding to separate from their spouse.

Research also shows that some couples decide to divorce in advance of the festive period, but agree to put their children’s and families’ interests above their own until the conclusion of the Christmas holidays. These couples preferring to try to divorce amicably in the New Year.

The cost of Christmas could be a reason for delaying divorce enquiries until the New Year. Christmas is a notoriously expensive time for families and some people may find that they cannot afford to seek legal advice until the New Year when their financial position has stabilised.

There is even the theory that some people make the decision at New Year, seeing the chance to make their New Year’s resolutions as a way to improve their life. For some, that may involve leaving a relationship that they feel is no longer a positive one for them.

What we say

There are many reasons why people may seek to take the step to look at divorce advice in the New Year, and of course the first Monday in January is an ideal time to seek such advice.

The Family Law Company has many experienced lawyers who specialise in advice on divorce and separation, financial issues and arrangements for children and property. Whether on the first Monday in January or on any other day, do feel free to contact us for a free, confidential initial appointment to discuss the options available to you and to help you in making the decision that is best for you and for your family.

If you need to discuss your own situation, contact Charlotte on 01392 421777  at The Family Law Company.


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