Posted by Rachel Buckley on 2nd January 2024
Is Divorce Day really Divorce Quarter?

As the so-called ‘Divorce Day’ looms once more, experienced family solicitor Rachel Buckley looks at the statistics behind divorce enquiries.

She said: “For many years the media and some lawyers have referred to the first business day of the year as ‘Divorce Day’; this is the day family law firms reopen after the break so it’s the first opportunity for someone contemplating divorce to get in touch.

“The thinking is that the pressures of Christmas can often tip a relationship over the edge, whether that’s due to too high expectations, financial stress or family demands.”

In fact, research by The Family Law Company shows that enquiries spike not only at the beginning of January after the end of the Christmas break but continue for the first quarter of the year.

Stats from last three years clearly indicate that the highest number of enquiries are received between January and March each year. And whilst numbers of divorce enquiries in 2022 were highest in January, in 2023 these peaked in February.

The truth is that separation and divorce can happen at any time, usually after a ‘final straw’ scenario. Much like the Christmas break, the long summer holidays can also create fractures in relationships, especially when there are children in the family, and parents find themselves constantly juggling.

Rachel says “Whatever time of year you face a divorce, we understand that this is a brave decision to take. Taking advice early on is really important and family law firms may offer a free initial appointment to discuss your options, which will help clarify your next steps.

“A good family lawyer will give you objective, realistic advice from the start. If you then decide to continue with your divorce, they will work with you to help minimise both costs and potential acrimony, whilst ensuring the outcome is in your – and your family’s – best interests.”

In addition, an experienced family lawyer will explore the different avenues open to you, including keeping your divorce out of court through using mediation or arbitration.

Rachel adds that taking the first step, whether this is on Divorce Day or any other day will seem daunting. “At the outset, getting a divorce may seem like a huge mountain to climb, but with the right support you’ll be able to face your future with a really positive outlook.”

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Director Rachel Buckley is a multiple award-winning divorce solicitor specialising in complex divorce and finance cases.

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