Posted by familylaw on 1st November 2014
Last updated 16th November 2015

When couples decide to separate and end their marriage it can be a hugely emotional and difficult time.

Due to the current economic climate houses don’t always sell as quickly as they once did, which can mean that divorcing or separating couples have to live together whilst the divorce proceedings are ongoing, or beyond.

This can add pressure to what is already a stressful time.

Here one of our family law solicitors in Exeter offers you some useful tips on how to get through it.

  1. Don’t discuss the divorce if doing so only causes conflict. It may be better to leave these conversations for mediation or for the lawyers dealing with the case.
  2. Respect each other’s privacy – this can be difficult particularly if you don’t want the marriage to end, but it is likely to lead to a more amicable parting.
  3. Respect each other – think about your actions. If you are planning something which your partner/spouse may find upsetting, be aware of their feelings.  People who are hurt can become angry and this will not make living together any easier.
  4. Give each other space – maybe each having a room to go to when you want to be alone and ensure that the other party allows you to have this space.
  5. Think of the children – warring parents is very upsetting for children – even if you think the children are asleep or not in ear shot, chances are they are!
  6. Come up with an interim plan about finances so you both know what to expect. Keep to agreements to avoid conflict. Ensure that the mortgage and bills are paid to avoid getting bad credit ratings which can have an adverse effect on your future.
  7. Consider staying with friends or family members on alternate weekends so that each of you has some time alone.

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