Posted by Lucy Theobald on 3rd June 2024
Navigating Farming Divorce with Care

Farming divorce cases require a delicate touch, considering the multitude of assets at play and the family legacy involved. In this blog post Specialist Divorce Solicitor and Director Lucy Theobald walks you through everything you need to know about navigating a divorce in the UK when a farm is part of the equation.

Why farming divorce cases are different.

Navigating farming divorce cases come with their own set of challenges. The farm itself often holds generations of family history, and the family’s livelihood may hinge on its future. Complex business structures like partnerships or limited companies can further complicate matters. Additionally, issues surrounding inheritance and trusts add layers of complexity to these cases.  That’s where a specialist family law firm can play an important role.

Key considerations in farming divorce

When facing a farming divorce, several crucial factors come into play:

Asset Valuation: From land and buildings to machinery and livestock, every aspect of the farm needs thorough evaluation.

Ownership Matters: Inheritances and trusts must be carefully distinguished from marital assets.

Income Assessment: Understanding the farm’s income and its role in supporting the family is vital.

Contributions: Each spouse’s contribution to the marriage and the farming business is assessed.

Children’s Needs: Housing, schooling, and other requirements for children are prioritized.

Tax Implications: Settlements must consider tax consequences.

Existing Agreements: Prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, if present, impact proceedings.

Dividing the Farm: Options and Strategies.  If it is necessary to split a farm in a divorce it can take various forms:

  • Sale: Selling the farm and dividing the proceeds.
  • Buyout: One spouse buys out the other’s share or balances it against other assets.
  • Partial Transfer: Transferring part of the land with an agreement for shared use.
  • Business Structures: Establishing partnerships or companies for joint management.


Protecting your farm’s future

To safeguard your farm in case of divorce:

  • Legal Agreements: Consider prenuptial or postnuptial agreements.
  • Inheritance Planning: Ensure inheritances and trusts are shielded.
  • Document Contributions: Keep detailed records of contributions to the farm.
  • Legal Guidance: Seek legal counsel to safeguard all assets effectively.
  • Special Cases: Inheritance and Family Ownership

Inherited farms or those owned by multiple family members require special attention:

  • Trust Structuring: Ensure trusts protect assets and aren’t deemed marital property.
  • Family Ownership: Partnerships or companies may be necessary for shared management.

While most cases can settle without court involvement, sometimes litigation becomes necessary but there are alternatives to think about.  If you can find amicable resolutions it can save time, money, and a lot of worry.


Key things to consider for an amicable outcome:

  • Alternative Solutions: Mediation and collaboration offer more efficient, cost-effective alternatives to court battles.
  • Consider what’s fair: Fairness prioritises meeting both parties’ financial needs without jeopardising the farm’s future.
  • Full Financial Disclosure: Transparency is key to a smooth divorce process, especially in farming cases.

In the end, navigating a farming divorce requires sensitivity, transparency, and expert guidance. With the right approach, you can protect your farm’s legacy while securing a fair settlement for all involved. If you’re facing a farming divorce, know that you’re not alone with our base in the South West we have supported many farmers and those in the agricultural community through their divorce.

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Lucy Theobald is a Solicitor at The Family Law Company. She brings 20 years of experience in family law, now specialising in Divorce and Finance, Private Law Children and Domestic Abuse. She was previously President of the Cornwall Law Society and has been named in the top 50 Most Inspirational Women in Cornwall.

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