Posted by Julia Robson on 26th September 2023
What is Collaborative Law?

In this article specialist family and collaborative lawyer Julia Robson explains what collaborative law is and why it is a robust tool for helping achieve positive outcomes in relationship breakdown.

When a marriage, civil partnership or relationship breaks down emotions are highly charged, and as family lawyers our role is to provide effective solutions to issues that may arise in relation to arrangements for children, financial issues or divorce proceedings.

A highly effective, non-court based process to resolve such issues is the Collaborative Law Process.

What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law offers an alternative dispute resolution solution for divorcing couples seeking specialist legal representation without resorting to court proceedings.

The focus of this process is to resolve the issues without the need for lengthy and often costly Court proceedings. Each person will instruct their own Collaborative Lawyer, with the lawyers working together to promote and encourage communication between couples, and to support and assist couples through what will be a challenging time in their lives.

What happens in the Collaborative Law Process?

The process is based on a series of meetings at which the couple, with their Collaborative Lawyers, are able to discuss and resolve the issues arising from their relationship breakdown, enabling them to remain in control of the process. These are usually called four-way meetings.

The process can offer a greater sense of control for each person too. It is outside of a court-imposed schedule, allowing it to be tailored to a clients unique timeline and priorities.

Why choose Collaborative Law?

Not only does the Collaborative process reap benefits in respect of timescales and certainty of costs, this process also enables parents to resolve their issues in a way that enables them to work together and co-parent their children in the future.

Working together to address issues in a friendly manner, with consistent guidance from your dedicated lawyers, ensures couples are able to achieve positive outcomes following the breakdown of their relationship.

If you would like to find out more about how Collaborative Law could work for your situation please get in touch by either completing the form below or calling 01752 674999.

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Julia Robson is a Senior Associate Solicitor at The Family Law Company. She supports clients through all aspects of family law but with a particular specialism in high-asset value Divorce and Finance cases.

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