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Posted by Philippa Buckland on 11th December 2015
Christmas Holidays

Christmas is the season of goodwill to all, and an extremely important time of the year for families, especially children.  Of course, it is difficult for separated parents to be without their children on Christmas Day, but it is far more difficult for children to see their parents arguing over where they should spend the day.

If you were to ask the children themselves, I suspect a great many would prefer to see both their parents on Christmas Day, in whichever house. However, often the Christmas holidays are divided, with children spending the first week with one parent, to include Christmas Day, and the second week with the other parent to include New Year’s Day.  One alternative, if the parents still live close to each other, is to divide Christmas Day itself, so the children wake up in one household, and go to the other after lunch.

There is no right or wrong, just a hope that parents can resolve the issue of Christmas without dispute. In cases of high conflict, where parents cannot communicate well, they may need some extra support to reach the right arrangements for their children. This can be done via their solicitor or through mediation.

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