Posted by familylaw on 8th December 2023
It took courage and I left with nothing but now I have financial certainty

Jenny had been married for over 30 years. Her husband was a serial adulterer and eventually she had enough and separated from him. Manipulated by him she got divorced without taking advice on finances.

Director and Head of Divorce and Finance, Rachel Buckley untangled the financial situation so Jenny could finally move on.

“I’d been married for a long time, living in the family home and raising the children while my husband travelled around the world. He was unfaithful and for many years I had been unhappy although I kept going because of the children. Finally, I’d had enough and wanted to separate – it took me four years to build up the courage. Although initially he agreed to sell the house and split the proceeds, my husband then told me he wanted to stay in the house.

Although the children had left home, I agreed, partly because I was so vulnerable and partly because I just wanted to keep the peace, especially as my daughter was pregnant. Sadly, my children seemed to blame me as I wasn’t honest with them about why I wanted to separate, and they sided with their dad.

I walked out with nothing and found a place to rent. My husband said he would help me with paying the rent, but he didn’t. The divorce went through quickly, in about six months, with my husband sorting it all out. I just remember signing the forms. I didn’t take advice and there was no financial agreement.

My husband was really pushy all the way through, while I just wanted to keep everything as amicable as possible, for the children, even though they were grown up.

I’d met Rachel at a business event and when I realised I needed to sort the financial situation out, she gave me a free consultation and explained how she could manage this. She handled it brilliantly, including the pension issues – basically she retrieved the situation for me. My ex husband was reluctant to release bank details and we nearly went to court although I eventually decided not to pursue this.

Rachel gave me great support all the way through, keeping me up to date on everything. The Family Law Company handled billing efficiently so I was able to plan financially.”

Jenny’s tips

  • Don’t rely on the idea that someone will do the right thing by you.
  • Don’t be too trusting, be realistic.
  • Be more open with the children so they understand why you have done what you’ve done.
  • See a solicitor before you get divorced!

What now?

  • I’m going to finally buy a new home for myself.
  • I’m in a new relationship – and I’m not ruling out getting married again.
  • Perhaps one day I will tell my children the real truth behind the divorce.

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