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Posted by Donna Hart on 8th September 2017
Returning to school

This week has seen many children returning to or starting school. Even our future King started school today, although sadly without his mother who is suffering with severe morning sickness.

As children start the school year there are many activities and events they will participate in. Most children will want both parents to attend these, but how does that affect separating or divorcing couples?

If both parents have parental responsibility for a child they are both entitled to be consulted by the other before making any important decisions such as which school their child should attend. However, the law isn’t so clear when it comes to attending the school thereafter.

Many schools find it difficult when parents do not get along and rightly do not want to become involved in their disputes. Some parents may not understand this reluctance, but realistically a school should remain a neutral and safe haven for the children.

If you are in this position, it is sensible to never cause a scene at the school. If something goes wrong or upsets you, leave quietly and deal with the matter at a later date. Any scene is likely to upset or embarrass the children.

If it is safe to do so it is always a good idea to keep the other parent (who does not live with the children) informed of all the activities the children participate in along with providing them with dates for all school events such as sports days, parents evenings and school concerts.

You do not need to attend events together but it will do wonders for your children’s self-esteem if they see both parents are able to support them in the year ahead.

Remember, you will both want to be part of the children’s lives and school is a huge part of their lives for many years to come. Try your best to work together for the sake of your children.

If you are finding it hard and are struggling with children arrangements, please speak to one of our specialists who can give advice on these matters.


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