Posted by familylaw on 5th August 2014
Last updated 30th June 2021

moneyHere at The Family Law Company we understand it can be hard to fund legal fees, particularly with the demise of legal aid.

That is why we try to offer a range of affordable options to our clients.

Subsidised hourly rates for those who would have qualified for legal aid.

Legal aid is only available in cases where there is evidence of domestic abuse, child abuse or in care proceedings, domestic abuse or child abduction cases (and some other very specific areas).  For those cases where legal aid is no longer available we can offer reduced hourly rates so long as you are financially eligible.

Legal aid

Legal aid is still available in the types of cases mentioned above (subject to the conditions of the Legal Aid Agency) and we are still committed to offering legal aid.

Help with mediation

Legal aid is still available for mediation if you are financially eligible.  Should you qualify for legally aided mediation you will also qualify for legal advice under the help with mediation scheme.

Range of lawyers

We have over 30 specialised family lawyers working at The Family Law Company across Exeter and Plymouth with hourly rates starting at £105.  We also have a range of lawyers in each of our specialised teams, so no matter whether your matter relates to finances, children or domestic abuse we will have a lawyer whose specialism and rates are suited to you.

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