Posted by Charlotte Butler-Kitto on 14th May 2015

We are very aware that it is important to our clients that their legal costs are kept as low as possible.  Whilst we will do our best to keep your costs under control in the management and direction of your case, there are also things that you can do, as the client, to keep your matter running smoothly and manage the costs.

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We recognise that often your first response to any development will be an emotional reaction – rather than a reasoned analysis – and we will help you try to put this in the wider context of your case.  Having an immediate emotional reaction is entirely understandable when we are dealing with issues about your family.  However, it is very easy to run up costs by having long telephone conversations or appointments with your lawyer or sending long emails where a focus is mainly on your emotional reactions rather than the legal issues.  If you do need more help in coming to terms with your changing family situation please do not hesitate to ask us about this; we do have links with local support services, counsellors, and psychotherapist who may be able to better assist you.

In general, there is one golden rule: Think about what you want to say to your lawyer, and what you want them to do.  There are a number of small things that you can do to work with your lawyer to keep your costs to a minimum:






In financial cases, a significant amount of legal costs can be incurred in getting together financial disclosure for exchange with the other party.  There are a few things to bear in mind that could help you manage this area of the case.






We want to work with you to make sure that your costs are kept at a level that is manageable for you.  If costs are not a high concern for you and you want your lawyer to do more of the legwork, then we are happy to do this for you (but there will be increased costs because of this).  If, on the other hand, costs are a critical point for you, hopefully the tips above will help you and your lawyer manage this aspect of your case effectively.  Please do not hesitate to talk to our solicitors in Exeter or Plymouth about costs and how you would like these to be managed; we would like there to be full discussion early on in the process so that there is transparency for you in relation to your costs throughout your matter.


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