Posted by Jemma Breban on 28th January 2015

conflictSeparating can be a very daunting prospect. One of the considerations will be “do I instruct a lawyer to act for me”?

The  costs of involving lawyers can be very off-putting and it can be easy to think that it will be easier to sit around the kitchen table with your spouse and agree a settlement between you.

In some cases this can  work well.

However, there are disadvantages with a “do it yourself” arrangement.

Once you have made the decision to instruct a lawyer who should you choose?

Choosing a lawyer can be overwhelming. The lawyer is the person you will be relying on to give you the advice upon which to make the best decision for you and your family.

Most law firms offer a first free meeting. At that meeting consider:-

  1. Will this lawyer act rather than re act?
  2. Will this lawyer take control rather than letting you spouses’ lawyer take control?
  3. Will this lawyer plan ahead?
  4. Will this lawyer care how you feel and support you at every stage?
  5. Will this lawyer champion your interest?

Most importantly, information is power. Your lawyer will be able to give you information as to how the law will apply to your precise set of circumstances. It is very easy to listen to the advice of friends or relatives about what is likely to happen but, unfortunately, that advice is often based on conjecture or their own experience, rather than any true expertise.

A lawyer will dispel the myths and give you information so that you can take control of your life.

Rachel Buckley is a Director and Head of Divorce and Finance at The Family Law Company by Hartnell Chanot. Rachel Buckley can be contacted directly on 01392 457 155 or 01392 421 777 [email protected]. You can also speak to our solicitors in Exeter and Plymouth.

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