I immediately returned to Devon and set about finding a lawyer. I was looking for a solicitor who understood domestic abuse as this had been the nature of my married relationship.

I came across The Family Law Company who were extremely friendly and referred me to Imran. I immediately felt relaxed just after speaking with him, as he said he believed in my case.

My lawyer was always very calm and focused but had a bite on him when needed, so I always felt protected. I was also very aware of how astute he was and indeed remember a judge complementing him on his innovative approach to a matter.

Without Imran’s dedicated support I do not think I could have got through my case, given also that I was having a difficult time at home, reacclimatising my daughters to living back in my care.

So to sum up, I would say that The Family Law Company is an excellent law firm and that Imran is a brilliant lawyer who deservedly was the winner of the Devon and Somerset Law Society award for Solicitor of the Year 2018. Without him and his company there is a strong likelihood that my daughters would now be in care.

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