The welfare of children is at the heart of any legal process that impacts on a family and although many separating parents can amicably agree arrangements for their children inevitably there are occasions when agreements cannot be reached.  For those families who have a child who has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) these disputes can feel even more complicated.

With one in 100 children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder finding a lawyer who has an understanding of the challenges is key. As separated parents you may have different hopes, parenting styles and experiences of your child’s autism.  This does not mean that both should not be able to have a good relationship with your child however both parents may have to work hard to find solutions and overcome difficulties which are not present in other family law cases. Our experienced child law specialists work with parents of ASD children helping to find the best solution for each family’s circumstances.

Representing mothers and fathers (resident and non-resident), children and grandparents the Family Law Company uses accomplished negotiation skills to draft child arrangement orders, special guardianship orders and to represent clients at court hearings. Whatever child contact difficulties you are facing our experienced child law lawyers will work with you through the process to achieve the right long-term solution for your circumstances.  We ensure that your voice and opinions, as well as those of your children, are heard and valued.

Our family lawyers are represented on the Law Society’s Children Panel, as well as being accredited Resolution specialists.

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