Unlike the Court process, all three forms of ADR have the benefit of being private and are not open to public scrutiny. All forms of ADR will be considerably cheaper and quicker than the Court process.

  • Fixed fees are available in relation to each of the processes. For a mediation session, the preparatory work and the paperwork being prepared the fee per couple is £500 plus VAT per session.
  • The fee per session for collaborative law work is £1,000 plus VAT per person.
  • The fixed fee for arbitration will depend upon the nature and complexity of the issues to be resolved but will be discussed and agreed at the first meeting.

In terms of timescale, all forms of ADR have much greater flexibility than the Court process. They depend upon the needs of the individuals involved and how quickly any relevant information can be gathered and presented.

Lawyers advise the couple outside of the mediation process. They are an intricate part of the collaborative law process and lawyers are used in the arbitration process in the same way that they are in the Court process.

As experts in all areas of ADR we will help you to resolve your family issues without the need to go to Court.

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