Becoming a Deputy/Role of the Court of Protection

If a family member or loved one has not made an LPA but depends upon you or others to look after and manage their finances because they cannot do it for themselves, asking the Court of Protection to appoint a Deputy is a relatively straightforward way of ensuring you have the necessary authority to do the role effectively. We can help with appointing a finance deputy – essential in such circumstances.

Most decisions relating to a person’s health and welfare can be made without an LPA or appointing a Deputy, provided decisions are made in the person’s best interests. However, the Court of Protection’s help may be needed where:

  1. A specific decision needs to be made where there is some doubt as to whether the person does have capacity to make it for themselves


  1. There is a dispute or cannot be agreed what is in that person’s best interests


  1. Someone without capacity would benefit from the appointment of a Deputy by the Court of Protection to make decisions

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