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Posted by familylaw on 20th January 2012

Many of you may have seen Eastenders on the evening of the 19th January 2012. Eastenders scriptwriters have a great way of interweaving contrasts to make their point.

This episode saw the yearning of a loving father being reintroduced to his son after five years of separation. Both delighted in playing with his toys melting the heart of a stony hearted mum.

Meanwhile on the other side of the square a son longing for his dad’s approval and love was humiliated and rejected by his father who in turn humiliated and rejected him.

Nothing stirs the emotions like the bond between a parent and child, love and rejection.

We see this time and time again when fathers who have not had contact with their children for some time finally are given the opportunity of re-establishing their bond together.

Fathers who find themselves in a situation where they are not having contact with their children on a regular basis do need help and guidance. There are a number of useful support groups and advice centres for fathers and links to these can be found throughout our website or by clicking here.

For dad’s finding themselves in this position it is essential that they obtain good quality legal advice as soon as possible.

Seeking legal advice can clarify what a dad’s options are and ensure that the actions that they take to regain contact will be appropriate and not unsettle what is already a delicate situation.

Our website is full of free legal and practical advice for dads. We welcome the opportunity to help dads in this position to re-establish contact. We can speak to dads over the telephone or Skype or in person at either of our offices in Exeter or Plymouth.

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