Posted by Clare Glazsher on 26th September 2018
Last updated 1st October 2018

Recycle Week 2018 runs from September 24 to 30, with the theme: Recycling. We do. Because it matters.

Here at The Family Law Company we have been looking at ways the company can recycle, as well as ideas that staff have put in place themselves at home, with a focus is plastics and reducing our use of these.

As a company we recycle whatever materials we can and try to cut back on our use of plastics wherever possible. Plastic bottles and containers are washed out and placed with other recycling.  Staff try wherever possible not to use or buy carrier bags. The company provides an environmentally friendly jute bag that staff use for meetings and court hearings – this also comes in handy for shopping!

Plastic water bottles seem to be one of the worst culprits of the plastics crisis. According to the Guardian, the use of plastic water bottles is set to top half a trillion by 2021. Obviously, these bottles can be recycled but the best environmental solution is not to use them at all. Interestingly, metal and other reusable bottles appear to be on the increase and both Exeter and Plymouth now have water refill points available. For more information google Refill Devon.Org.

Other suggestions put forward by Family Law Company staff to consider during Recycle Week are using biodegradable bags for dog mess and nappies, donating unwanted goods to charity shops and buying a reusable water bottle or ‘keep cup’ for coffee.

Keen gardeners may like to know that coffee grounds are often given away by cafes free of charge and can be used on gardens and allotments in compost heaps.

If you do have plastic water bottles at home, these can also be used to water plants in the garden and house when you are on holiday. Fill the bottle with water, prick a small hole into the bottle top and then upend into the soil in the flower beds or containers. Easy instructions can be found on lots of web pages.

Good luck with your own recycling plans.


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