Posted by familylaw on 4th November 2014

The Law Society has underlined the importance of pro bono work by running a national campaign to celebrate it.

Every year legal firms, lawyers and solicitors offer up some of their valuable time to carry our pro bono work – helping people or community groups in need of legal advice but who cannot afford it or are not entitled to legal aid.

The Society says in these times of cut backs to legal aid, where the pool of people who are entitled to it is ever shrinking, that pro bono work is more important than ever before.

The Law Society this week has underlined that point at the start of the 13th annual National Pro Bono Week (NPBW).

The week starts today, and runs until November 7.

It’s set to celebrate the pro bono work carried out by members of the legal profession in the past year and has been started by the Attorney General at a Question Time style event in London.

London is also set to host the annual European Pro Bono Forum later this year. The forum is the only platform of its type and allows lawyers from several nations to come together and discuss pro bono working practices in their respective countries.

The Law Society’s president Andrew Caplen said: “Because of wider funding cuts and legal aid cuts access to justice is being eroded.”

He added that with people’s right to counsel diminishing he intends to make the issue a high priority one over the next year.

“The latest figures on pro bono work show just how much solicitors and their firms are committed to helping those in need,” he said.

He went on to say he was “humbled” by the selflessness of many solicitors.

If you need legal advice, why not call The Family Law Company and speak to one of our solicitors in Exeter and Plymouth?

While we don’t carry out pro bono work we do offer free half hour consultations, and also run clinics in Plymouth and Exeter which provide parents with free legal advice.

The Exeter clinic runs from 10am to 4pm on the second Tuesday of each month at the Puffins Training Centre in Barrack Road.

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