Posted by familylaw on 20th December 2011

Can You Change Pre-Arranged Contact Times?

It is sometimes necessary to change pre-arranged contact times but it should be reserved for when it is really essential.

Children thrive on routine and frequent change of contact times could make them anxious. Contact visits can be a source of stress to many children and changing the times may contribute to this.

As children get older, their needs change and it may be that they have commitments with friends, sports tournaments or school trips which clash with pre-arranged contact times. Working parents may also find there are the odd occasions where they need to change contact times to fit in with the needs of their job. As long as each parent can be flexible and keep the other informed at all times, it should be possible to alter them without too much trouble.

Can You Refuse Contact?

If you refuse contact it will almost certainly lead to the father making an application for a court hearing. It is worth first examining your reasons for wishing to refuse contact, since if there is a contact order already in place you are in danger of being in contempt of court for breaking it.

Both you and the courts should always act in the best interests of your children and therefore, if you are worried about you or your child’s safety, then you can refuse contact and during the court hearing, you will have the opportunity to present your supporting evidence and explain your fears. As the resident parent, it can be difficult to send your child off for contact visits with the non-resident parent, especially when these visits do not always go smoothly. However, unless you have fears for their well-being, it is in the best interests of the child to encourage contact with their other parent.


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