Posted by familylaw on 20th December 2011

Bringing up kids is a tough job – your whole life revolves around your children, and trying to find time to do those things that you like seems impossible, even more so now that you are separating.

What makes a great mum?

Today’s mums have to juggle the cost of living with life’s pressures – but the most important thing is to remember that no one is perfect and no one expects you to be. You don’t need to lavish a lot of money on your child, just being there for your child when they need you and spending quality time together, is far more important than material things. Try not to compare yourself to other mums, just enjoy and make the most of your children – it won’t be long before they are all grown up.


Having an amicable relationship with your ex is the best gift you could ever give your children. If contact and residence rights have been agreed without going to court, it is important that you both stick to the arrangements established, arriving promptly for each visit and never missing a visit. Missed visits with a parent can be extremely harmful, and if one parent consistently misses scheduled visitations, the courts may intervene to protect your child.

Be flexible

If residence and contact arrangements have been worked out privately, or in mediation, court-issued contact orders will prove unnecessary. However, even where a Contact Order is issued, often the parents are allowed to work out the details for themselves. Try to be flexible and open to suggestions – successful parenting after a divorce involves putting your own difficulties to one side and making your children’s needs your first priority.

If you are experiencing contact issues, or you feel that your partner is being unreasonable, please contact us for further information.


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