Posted by Stephen Sowden on 1st June 2017

National Volunteers’ Week 2017 runs from the 1st to the 7th June. The annual event celebrates the difference volunteers make to every community across the country.

Here at The Family Law Company, we feel passionate about giving back to our communities. 

Q & A with Stephen Sowden

  • Who do you support?

Grandparents Plus

  • What do you do?

I am a Trustee for Grandparents Plus.

  • What do they do?

Grandparents Plus is a charity that supports grandparents who provide full-time care of their grandchildren. It also supports those who have lost contact with their grandchildren.

I advise the helpers and volunteers regarding recent changes. I update them on the law, and give practical advice to those who deal with many distressed people every day.

  • Why did you get involved?

Whilst it can be upsetting to see grandparents in distress, it is a delight to serve and help such a worthwhile charity.



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