Posted by Jemma Breban on 18th July 2017

As part of our marketing activities, The Family Law Company produces occasional videos to give information and advice to those visiting our website.

We’ve covered a wide variety of subjects, including the basic divorce process, pre-nuptial agreements, moving abroad with children and domestic abuse.

For our most recent video, we decided to look at the reasons we believe it is beneficial to work with a specialist family law firm. Most legal firms cover a huge range of legal services, but with some areas of law it can be of enormous benefit to use a specialist. In fact, The Family Law Company’s name says it all – we do what is says on the tin!

It is always useful to look objectively at what we offer as a company, and see how we stand out from the crowd in terms of specialisms and experience. We’re proud of what we do, and pleased to offer a specialist service to those who are experiencing family issues in their lives. Sometimes it’s good to shout it from the rooftops.

To create our videos, we work with specialists from other sectors. Our PR consultant Sue Cade writes our scripts in conjunction with our lawyers – this video, for example, was based on a blog that I wrote.

Local video production company Bitpod makes the videos. The Bitpod team cleverly uses a simplistic style of animation to represent what can sometimes be fairly complex information.

The videos are deliberately succinct; by giving an overview of a subject, anyone wanting to know more can get in touch to know more, with the added benefit of a free initial appointment available for everyone.

See what you think by taking a look at our new video, as well as our other videos. They are all available to view on our YouTube channel.

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