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Posted by familylaw on 27th August 2019
Book review: Necessary Endings by Dr Henry Cloud

MD Norman Hartnell reviews Necessary Endings.

“One of the most agonising decisions anyone has to make is whether a relationship they are in is destructive and needs to be ended, knowing that the fallout will be great if the other person in the relationship feels differently.

Clients will often consult us as family lawyers at this point in their lives looking for guidance as to whether they can/should/shouldn’t bring the relationship to an end. Often the truth is that they have already reached that decision but are still struggling with it.

For anyone in such a situation I recommend reading Necessary Endings. This book doesn’t just apply to personal relationships but also businesses and every other relationship that is not sustainable. It helps the reader weigh up whether the relationship can/should be rescued or whether the time has come to make the decision to end it. Reading the book is like having a wise uncle to listen to, and the chance to ponder his thoughts to help individuals make a decision.

The book may ultimately help you to make your own decision – even when you would rather someone else made that decision for you.”

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