Posted by familylaw on 9th January 2017
Last updated 3rd January 2023
Divorce Day – what do you do next?

Divorce Day is here and you have decided to see a family law solicitor about your situation. It’s a big decision and there will be many reasons for taking it.

Whatever it is that has brought you to this point, it is helpful for you to understand that you have many choices available to you.

Taking that first step and arranging to see a lawyer does not necessarily lead to divorce proceedings being commenced. Some people are purely looking for advice on their circumstances, and the options available to them should they decide to proceed, which they will then ponder.

This is borne out by the fact that the divorce rate has been falling in the last few years. Perhaps, therefore, Divorce Day is all a fuss about nothing? Is it merely a myth created and intensively stimulated by the media?

For those that do pursue their enquiry past the first appointment, it need not be the start of an acrimonious divorce and a process resulting in family conflict. Where a client is sure that they wish to proceed with a divorce, where relationship counselling is no longer an option and all other possibilities have been explored, they can be reassured that they will be fully supported and guided from the outset.

The Family Law Company adopts a problem solving approach rather than a combative one, providing clients with all the support they need to succeed. During what is arguably one of the most challenging periods of their lives, we can prepare clients for the future and provide peace of mind. With specialist advice, a divorce does not have to mean hostility and hatred, whether it is commenced on Divorce Day or at any other time of the year.

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