Posted by familylaw on 22nd March 2017
Last updated 18th April 2017

Vanessa Pridis looks at a new report on the failure of the system to keep pace with rising numbers of children and families who need help from social care.

On March 21st, a report titled ‘No Good Options’ was presented to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Children.

The report found that 90% of local councils were struggling to fulfil their legal duties to children.

It went on to say that more children were being taken into social care than would need to be if Local Authorities were able to put in early intervention services and statutory support for children in need.

The report identified that more resources were directed towards children who had already suffered abuse or neglect or those who were of high risk of harm than those who required it at a lower level, but whose case was at risk of escalating through failure to intervene at an earlier level.

Figures reported showed an increase of 17.4% in children being taken into care between 2010 to 2011 and 2015 to 2016 – whilst spending on social care rose by just over 2%.

It was recognised that early intervention to enable children to grow up in their own families was vital.

What can you do if you need more support?

If the Local Authority are involved in your family and you feel they are not providing the support that is needed or you are in the Child Protection arena, it is vital that you have legal support to argue your case. Early representation may prevent the case escalating into the care arena.

The Family Law Company has experts who will be able to assist you. Please call 01392 421777 in Exeter and 01752 674999 in Plymouth.

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