Posted by Charlotte Butler-Kitto on 13th June 2017

Unfortunately, with the decline in the availability of Legal Aid and the subsequent increase in people trying a “Do It Yourself” divorce, a higher return rate is understandable.

Key points to remember  


If you are completing this form by yourself, the Court’s guidance notes are particularly important. They include a checklist at the end reminding you what needs to be sent to the Court (failure to get this right is another reason why Petitions are rejected). Petitions must be accompanied by your original marriage certificate as well as the relevant Court fee for issuing the petition. The current Court fee is £550.00.

You may be entitled to a fee remission (in which case you would have to complete a fee remission form) and this is explained further in the guidance notes that accompany the Petition on the government’s HMCTS website.

Getting help

The Petition is an important document and contains a lot of information which has implications further on in the case. Having a legal expert will ensure that the Petition is correctly filled out.

If you are unsure as to how to complete the Petition please do seek independent legal advice. The Family Law Company offers a free half hour consultation – you can ask any questions to make sure that you feel happy moving forwards, whether you choose to do this with our support or as a self-represented litigant.

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