Posted by Jemma Breban on 1st June 2017

National Volunteers’ Week 2017 runs from the 1st to the 7th June. The annual event celebrates the difference volunteers make to every community across the country.

Here at The Family Law Company, we feel passionate about giving back to our communities.

Q & A with Shyron Maidstone

Refugee Support Devon

I volunteer with Refugee Support Devon as a TESOL tutor (Teaching English as a Second Language) to asylum seekers and refugees in Exeter.

Promote the well being of all asylum seekers and refugees in Devon and to assist them in making informed choices about adapting to life in the UK.

Encourage the positive participation of the wider community in the lives of resident asylum seekers and refugees, and to raise awareness of the general public about the misinformation and prejudice surrounding asylum seekers and refugees.

Provide a voice for this community and make representations on their behalf on issues such as: the voucher system, UK immigration policy and UK dispersal policy.

I find it rewarding enabling people to regain some stability in their lives after having gone through traumatic experiences such as war, torture, and/or political persecution. The refugees that come to Devon are mostly from Afghanistan, Iran and Syria, but also Turkey and Sudan.

English skills are key in helping refugees integrate fully into society, enabling them to get jobs etc. As their English improves their confidence also improves and they can more easily access facilities in the community, and build a social and support network.




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