Posted by Jemma Breban on 19th December 2011

The time leading up to a divorce is often fraught with hostility which the divorce process itself can make worse. However, once the divorce has been finalised, if you have children together it’s essential you can co-operate as parents.

Learn To Work Together

Although your relationship with each other has ended, you continue to be your children’s parents. To be the best parents you can, you need to establish a post-divorce relationship.

Although you should aim to be on friendly terms with your ex, this should not be mistaken for being friends. Given time that might become the case, but for now the emphasis is on open honest communication concerning the well-being and best way forward for your children.

Do’s and Don’ts

The circumstances surrounding everyone’s divorce are different, but experts tend to agree the principles for successful co-parenting following the split can be generalised in the following do’s and don’ts.



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