Whilst it might not be the most ideal subject to talk about, having a PNA or a cohabitation agreement in place is essential for couples who are about to marry or start living together. Where one or both have assets they want to protect in the event of a divorce or separation to ensure they are treated fairly. PNA or a cohabitation agreement is an easy process that we can help guide you through to protect your assets and rights.

As specialist family lawyers, we are experts in advising on the preventative measures that you can take including Pre-Nuptial Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements, ensuring that you are not left vulnerable to future claims.

These agreements can be used to protect current and future assets such as likely inheritance, as well as protecting your interests if you are marrying for a second time or have a family from a previous relationship.

Where such agreements were once viewed as only necessary for the wealthy, more and more people believe that they are a sensible option and the Courts now give them more consideration, as long as they are prepared correctly.

This means that certain legal safeguards must be followed in order to guarantee the agreement is upheld against any challenge. We work with you and your partner to prepare a clear, properly drafted document, furnishing you with a ‘fair and reasonable’ agreement that will either influence the outcome of a court decision or be followed exactly.

The Family Law Company are professional but very welcoming and friendly. They will do anything and everything to help. They listen and don’t judge and give their best advice, would definitely recommend.

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