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Posted by familylaw on 19th December 2011

Overnight stays bring greater closeness and better quality relationships with your children.

If you have overnight contact with your children, the amount that the CSA would ordinarily require you to pay will be reduced as follows:

Nights Reduction(Per year)

52 – 103 1/7th

104 – 155 2/7th

156 – 174 3/7th

175 1/2

176+ CSA may not be payable.

In addition, if you live with another person who has children from a previous relationship, your income will be reduced (for the purposes of the formula) by 15% if 1 child, 20% if 2 children or 25% if 3 or more children, before the CSA rates are applied.

Also, if you have children from a previous relationship, apportionment rules apply. This means that your income for the purposes of the CSA assessment will be shared between each former partner in proportion to the number of children each has.

If you are in receipt of state benefits the above rules do not apply – you would have to pay a flat rate of £5 per week.

Please note however, there are changes afoot in relation to child support. There is currently new legislation working it’s way through parliament. Once these changes have been confirmed and are in force, we will be able to provide further advice. Child Support Agency legislation is complex.

The above is merely a guide. For further information please use the CSA calculator where you can add in your figures and obtain an idea as to how the CSA rules will affect you.

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